Press Release - Caravana re-brands to OVAE

MELBOURNE - In response to a recent trademark challenge Australian accessories brand Caravana is rebranding as Ovae and placing greater emphasis on its hugely successful luxury leather goods. As well as a new name, Ovae will also be revamping its consumer e-commerce website and launching a new wholesale ordering platform.

The official rollout of the new brand name will be effective as of 26th July and will complete Caravana’s evolution from a chic boho inspired accessories brand into Ovae, a luxe accessories brand focusing on ethically sourced, handmade quality leather goods.

Founder of Ovae Jackie Jennings explains, “After we became aware of an overseas brand with a very similar name to ours looking to expand into the Australian market we came together as a business and questioned whether we should fight it or use it as an opportunity to rebrand.”  

Jackie says it wasn’t an easy decision, but felt rebranding was the right one. “We knew we had a convincing case to secure the Caravana brand name in this market, but we also saw it as a great opportunity to take a step back and look at how we wanted to grow our business.”

By taking this step back and reviewing the business, Jackie identified a shift in the business that had been happening organically over the past 5 years and, according to Jackie this is where it became really exciting. “Over the course of six months or so, I dug deep into the business, spoke to a lot of consumers and trade partners and combed through sales data to identify which areas of the business were performing the best.” From this, Jackie developed a very clear picture of who her customers were and what they were coming to her for and interestingly, it differed to what she’d originally thought. “When I started the Caravana brand I was offering a lot of products across many categories, including soft furnishings and homewares. The review process showed us that after 5 years our consumers were coming back time and again to selected products and categories and they wanted to see more of that from us.” This gave Jackie the motivation and confidence to realign the brand to better reflect its customers and their needs, thereby shifting her business from boho chic into a luxe handmade leather brand.”

Jackie assures her customers they can still expect the classic designs, exquisite craftsmanship and high quality sustainably sourced materials they have come to expect from her as well as some new and exciting products for the summer 2019. “Ovae will be a wonderful evolution for my business and will continue to deliver the same beautiful products our customers have come to expect, just with a new name”.

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