Life's Beautiful With Ovae Leather

We are an Australian owned luxe leather and accessories label that blends style with conscience.

The Ovae label appeals to the woman who is socially conscious  and appreciates a subtlety in detail and design - forever inspired to adorn herself in unique luxe leather goods that have been crafted by talented hands and shaped by rich cultures.

Our designs combine the earthy colours of our lands, shapes and silhouettes of modern design and function, combined with a textural richness which is expertly handcrafted in every single piece.

Ovae is for the women of our time - the ones who shun 'fast fashion', the ones who appreciate a timeless aesthetic that will carry their style year after year. The ones who appreciate the livelihoods of the individuals who created their pieces, and the ones who embrace a life full of heart and wonder.

The Ovae Leather Effect

Designed for practicality and ease - combined with handcrafted design features and the softest leather you will ever come to own.

Our Creations

We take incredible pride in the way we create and collaborate. We have a phenomenal passion for sourcing traditional and tribal textiles from around the globe and blending them with the contemporary shapes and silhouettes for our limited edition 'Tribal Textile & Leather Collections'.

This is monumental to our ever evolving inspiration - we view this as our way of celebrating the modern world with the traditions and intricate craftsmanship of vintage textiles from eras gone by.

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