Caravana re-brands as OVAE

Welcome to our big news - Caravana has re-branded to OVAE.

Our evolution from Caravana, a chic boho inspired accessories brand into Ovae, a luxe leather and accessories label focuses on sustainably sourced, handcrafted luxe leather goods and accessories with conscience and style.

The Ovae label will continue to celebrate unique leather goods and accessories that make a statement through their sheer simplicity and exceptional quality. To read more about our transition and story that motivated our re-brand, kindly read on below. But know one thing - we still promise to deliver everything you have come to know and love about Caravana with so much more, and just simply, a new name. 


Our Leather

Made from the finest, softest sheep and cow hides, our full grain leathers are chosen for their incredible soft hand-feel and a quality that exudes luxury.

Our Creations

We take incredible pride in the way we create and collaborate. We have a phenomenal passion for sourcing traditional and tribal textiles from around the globe and blending them with the contemporary shapes and silhouettes for our 'Limited Edition Leather Collections' - This is monumental to our evolving inspiration. We view this as our way of celebrating the modern world with the traditions and intricate craftsmanship of vintage textiles from eras gone by.

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