Blending Style and Simplicity with conscious craftsmanship since 2013

From our HQ in the beautiful Noosa Hinterlands Australia, to our production house in Indonesia, Ovae creates thoughtfully designed leather accessories that never go out of style.

Luxe leather goods designed to last

We believe that true style is intentional and thoughtful, transcending trends and seasons. 

Based on the ideas of understated luxury and attention to detail, our pieces are designed to suit any outfit or occasion — making them the perfect subtle statement piece.

We shun the ostentatious and embrace the minimalist with the hardware and finishing touches we add to each piece.

After all, nothing should take away from the beauty of our raw, sustainable leather. In our eyes, this is the hero of every product we create.

Made in a way that supports people and the planet

Because we don’t engage in ‘fast fashion’, we’re able to operate in a way that puts people and the planet first.

Crafted by the talented artisans in our Indonesian production house, all Ovae pieces are made from ethically sourced materials — from the best quality sustainable leather to the unique traditional tribal textiles we use to add to the silhouette and story of our accessories.   

Our intentional production process involves small runs and realistic timelines, to allow the time needed to carefully craft each piece and avoid wasteful overstock.

Read more about our Social Responsibility here


Meet Ovae’s founder and creative director, Jackie Jennings

Jackie is the creative spearhead behind Ovae, and she doesn’t fit easily into one category; she’s a business owner/designer, a photographer, a mother and a good egg.


When she is not appreciating good vino with friends or merchandising her home, you’ll find her creating. She finds inspiration everywhere, but mostly from her travels and the big wild world.


Jackie’s passion and energy for creating the perfect product is unstoppable, and she will go to great lengths to get every product just right, from riding a motorcycle from one Rajasthani village in search of the perfect kantha quilt, to taking Indian textiles and Italian leathers to specialist artisans in Indonesia.


At home on the back of a camel or in the back row of a fashion show, she ebbs and flows with the times, with the trends, while maintaining her core; her signature style, a fusion of cultures, of vintage and modern.


Jackie hopes you enjoy the beautiful array of Ovae products and would like to thank you for making a difference supporting the artisans and families afar who have loved creating these ethically made products for you.