Byron Bay Blues Festival – Mid Festival Update


Easter weekend. Four glorious days off work. But while some of us are lazing around, cramming Easter eggs into our faces, others are getting stuff done. Jackie and Ovae have hit the road, and headed to Byron Bay for the Blues Festival.

Jackie is working her lil’ tush off at the Ovae market stall. She tells me she has barely left the tent, but she is the closest thing I’ve got to being there, so I have persuaded her to report back on all the festival shenanigans.

What’s it like?

I came to the festival a few years ago, but it has got bigger and better. It’s five days, 200 performances, and over 100,000 people! It’s huge! Also, this year there are loads of female performers, which is awesome.

Best part so far?

Even though I am working I’m a sucker for the festival atmosphere. There is nothing like putting away your routine and computer, getting outdoors, and partying with thousands of strangers.

Worst part so far?

Driving 1,600km to get here with a three-year old! She was actually pretty good; praise the person who put DVD players in cars!

Best festival food?

There is so much great food here but I am obsessed with Byron Bay Japanese Kitchen.

Oh and I’ve had about 1000 coffees from Bun Coffee at Crossroads Cafe. These are long days!

Best gig?

Ovae's tent is right behind the Delta stage. We pretty much have the best seat in the house!

Highlights include Nikki Hill and Blind Boy Paxton.

Everyone is also raving about Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue, and of course Patti Smith on opening night.

What will festival-goers find at Ovae's stall?

Essentials for all weather: Hats and Scarves for sun protection or warmth. Kantha quilts for cold nights or sitting on the ground.

Oh, and you’ll probably find my three year old – she’s got her own makeshift bed under the table. You gotta start them young!

Craziest thing that’s happened?

I busted a couple of teenagers stealing from the stall. I don’t know what came over me but I ended up chasing them through the festival. It worked. I got the goods back!

What’s the crowd like?

Really chilled out. Loads of people are diehard Blues Fest fans, coming every year. I met Sue and Murray yesterday, a wonderful couple in their 70’s, who have been coming to Blues Fest for 22 years! I had to get a pic of Murray and Sue with her new Caravana kantha clutch! I was lucky enough to see some of Sue's Sashiko (Japanese stitch) work. It's a great feeling when you share the same passion as your customers for artisan crafts. 

In five words or less, give a quick update on:

Better than Melbourne ;)

Essential festival items?

Hat, scarf, Ovae fringe bag.

Line for the Bar?

More wine please!

Craziest fashion?

His and her lyrca onesies!

What’s the vibe?

Classic Byron: Chilled, fun, laidback.

Toilet condition?

Fragrant. Where’s Kenny?



Evenings at Bluesfest                               Sleepy Staff Member


Our view- The Delta Stage                      Sue & Murray 


The Girls in Blue getting into the Ovae Spirit!


The gorgeous Lorraine who bought one of our Indiana bags yesterday and brought me some chocolate today for Easter! What an absolute gem! 

If you’re at the Blues Festival be sure pop in and say hi to Jackie and tribe Ovae!

Love Ovae's Resident Blogger x


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