Why Invest In Scarves? Here's why...

How often do you walk into your wardrobe in the mornings and think to yourself "I've got nothing to wear"!? Even though your closet is thriving and hanger space is sparse?

This is a far too common scenario in the lives of most of us fashion loving women. A lot of things can contribute to our feelings of lack of clothes to wear - Finding inspiration, not enough time to choose, clothes are in the wash, always wearing 'old faithful', budget, and constantly wanting newness.

Well, have we got something to tell you! Don't to forget your humble scarf collection. And if you don't have one yet, then here's why you need to invest in beautiful scarves to unburden the simple task of getting dressed each day. 

INSTANT WARDROBE UPDATE- Without costing the earth

Each season we see new colours, shapes and textures emerge. It's an expensive hobby when you want to feel relevant, and buying a new wardrobe each season is out of reach for most of us. So what do we do? The humble scarf is your answer. They instantly update your wardrobe by adding on trend colour or print direction without costing the earth, and did we mention how endlessly versatile they are too?




When purchased correctly, neutral bases in the form of jeans, tees and knits, can offer a solid foundation for your wardrobe. It's often a smarter choice to invest wisely into these staple pieces in your wardrobe that will last for seasons to come. The humble white-grey-black or stripe tee, black and classic blue jeans, and knits can offer a wonderful canvas for you to then paint on your personality through your accessories, namely your scarf. It's amazing how the same outfit base can completely transform, just by changing your scarf print or texture. This means you can get away with wearing a lot of your 'old faithfuls' however making them look new and relevant by adding a different scarf. 


Why not try choosing an accent colour within the print or pattern of a scarf and draw out that colour to match back with your top, pants, shoes or pop coloured lipstick? Creating a new look and style every time you wear your scarf. If you're wearing a scarf with multi-colours, you can pick out a colour to play with for the day. It might be a pop red one day and purple the next. It's about having fun with colour and creating a different vibe every time.


We love our oversized lofty scarf range. Pretty much 90% of our scarf range is always our standard lofty oversize dimensions of 180 x 200 cm, meaning your scarf can be worn and used for more than just a scarf! We love ours as a sarong, turban, cape, or creatively wrapped to become a piece of clothing!

So next time you go to your closet and think "i've got nothing to wear" always remember your scarf collection. It's a great idea to have your scarves out in full display using a bamboo ladder or similar in your closet or dressing area. This keeps them in your mind and reminds you to experiment with one of your best friends and accessories in your closet.

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