Christmas Shopping: Survive or Thrive

Christmas Shopping: Survive or Thrive

I love this time of year – the weather, the parties, the food – but it can also be stressful. With less than a fortnight to Christmas, two headlines in today’s papers caught my eye:

‘Car park costs just another expense for Australian shoppers this Christmas’ and ‘Six tips for surviving Christmas shopping in the city.’

It is estimated that between now and Christmas 4,400,000 of us will be hitting the city and suburban shopping centres. However, it will actually be 4,399,999. Why? Because… I will not be there. My shopping is done. I did it all online!

I may sound smug, but that’s because I am. This year I will not be wrestling an old lady for the last SodaStream. I will not be lurking in the parking lot in my car, like a Great White, waiting to surge at a vacant lot. I will not be panic eating Muffin Break in the food court to order to find the strength, or the will, to keep going. I will be sitting with my feet up, enjoying the pleasures this season has to offer.

If you don’t want to brave the shopping centres this year, head to We will gift-wrap your purchase and give you FREE shipping Australia wide. Make your order by Thursday 15th December for Christmas delivery.

Then, put your feet up and enjoy.

Merry Christmas!


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