Hello, 2017! We're Back...

Hello, 2017!


In our last post we mentioned that according to numerology, 2016 was all about endings. And we were left feeling a little depressed… BUT according to numerology, 2017 sees the cycle start again, and therefore this year is all about beginnings. One door closes and another opens. Yay! Here are a few things we are excited about:

Leaving On a Jet Plane

At Ovae we have a lot happening this year and we can’t wait to share it with you. Jackie has some exciting buying trips planned, and is hot on the tail of sourcing some beautiful and rare kantha quilts from India and Pakistan. 

Plus Ovae will be releasing our first ever exclusive Autumn/Winter Scarf range. Jackie has been up to her beautiful eyeballs in handspun wool and woven cotton, and is pretty pumped about the beautiful colour palate for this season. Hint: think warm, rich and earthy shades.

Stay tuned!

Shake It Off

A lot has been said about politics in 2016 (especially by me after a few vinos!), and there are a lot of valid fears about what recent changes could mean for humanity. But I choose to remain hopeful for 2017. The political pendulum has swung far to one side, and now I hope it corrects itself. I think this year we will see more grassroots efforts, people making a stand, and young people getting involved in politics and having a voice.

The world needed a shake up, and by jingo, we are shaken! Let’s lead with love, light and compassion.

That's Entertainment

Amazing television shows are now the norm, and 2017 is no exception. In 2017 I am especially looking forward to new seasons of The Crown, Catastrophe, Transparent and Veep. Plus the long awaited return of Curb your Enthusiasm (eeek!) and Top of the Lake, and the final seasons of Game of Thrones (double eeek!) and Girls.

But don’t go thinking I am shallow; I also appreciate the theatre…  especially when written by South Park creators! Enter The Book of Mormon. A few years ago in New York, for nights I stood by the theatre doors trying to win tickets to this sold out show, so I can’t wait to see it in Melbourne.

U.G.L.Y. You Ain’t Got No Alibi…

There will be lots of food trends this year – new superfoods, juice combinations, or some must-have ancient grain – but I am looking forward to more sustainable and ethical eating. In 2016 there was some great progress in this area – such as standards for free-range eggs, or the French government banning supermarkets from throwing away food – and I hope this continues with the ‘Ugly Produce’ movement.

This trend encourages buying the ugly (but still perfectly edible) fruit and veg. In Australia one-third of fruit and veg produced is thrown away. Consumers buying that ‘less than perfect’ banana prevents it from being wasted.

Similarly say hello to ‘stem to root cooking.’ It is as it sounds; you use the entire product. Throw your carrot tops in your green smoothie. Easy. And use chickpea juice to make vegan egg whites. Genius!

It's My Life

In my last blog post* I talked about the curse of the busyness – where feeling busy doesn’t necessarily translate to effectiveness or success. So in 2017 at Caravana we are making a resolution to get more balance, to use our time wisely. We will work hard when we work, and we will play hard when we play (note, ‘play hard’ includes ‘sleep hard’…). We are going to appreciate our downtime and when friends ask “how are you?” we will respond with “Perfect. Just perfect.”… Okay, maybe not that last point, our friends might kill us…

Wish us luck! 

Until next time…

Ovae's Resident Blogger x

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