So Long, 2016!

So long, 2016!


Oh 2016, what a year! Nearly every person I speak to has said something along the lines of “I can’t wait for this year to be over” or “Worst. Year. Ever!”

There may be an explanation... In Numerology, years run in nine-year cycles, and each year has a number that indicates what can be expected. In 2016 the number is 9, which represents the end of a cycle. Therefore 2016 is all about endings. Hooray! Because while at Ovae we had a pretty good one, there are certainly a few things we are happy to see the back of, including:


When Bowie died back in January the world didn’t think life could get much worse. Oh how naïve we were! Because then followed the deaths of Alan Rickman, Prince, Gene Wilder, Leonard Cohen, George Michael and now Carrie Fisher! I mean, come on!


I’m talking ‘freakshakes’ – monstrous milkshakes overloaded with everything from fairy floss to Pavlova – and donuts covered in all sorts of madness, from Fruit Loops to chips!

I’m all for overindulging, but throwing all your favourite food together doesn’t makes one super, amazing, awesome food. It doesn’t turn the flavour up too 11… It is just a pile of your favourite food that you can’t taste because it’s covered in popping candy!

And don’t even get me started on blending foods… Cro-nuts? Pick a side!


This year was all about elections. In Australia we had the Federal election, and while painful and strange at times, it was nothing compared to the extravaganza-media-frenzy of the US one. Let’s leave the election fatigue in 2016.

This year also saw politicians from around the globe stoop to new lows and openly promote fear and intolerance. Our world is in a precarious place – climate change, civil war in Syria, millions of displaced people – we need our politicians more than ever to stand up and set an example.


Speaking of busyness, this is a huge one we need to leave behind. Being busy is the latest status symbol; we have confused it with being successful.

I am really prone to this one. When someone asks me how I am, I sometimes respond with “really busy.” We are all being pulled in a million directions, and even in our downtime we are scrolling through screens trying to keep up. So see ya later, busyness! In 2017 let’s reclaim balance!

Now after reading the above you might be feeling depressed about the future. But never fear, stay tuned for our next blog where we discuss what we looking forward to. 2017 is going to be great!

With Love - Ovae's Resident Blogger x

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