Ovae: Why Choose Us

Ovae: Why Choose Us

Often when thinking of the fashion industry, images come to mind of large-scale mass production that compromises social welfare, human rights, the environment, and in turn, the end product.

For us at Ovae this picture couldn’t be further from the truth. We are a small, family run Australian business that creates unique and stylish accessories that last a lifetime.

And while not all big businesses are soulless corporations, because we are small we are able to offer our customers a buying experience and product that they won’t find on the high street.

Here are five reasons to choose us.

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Allen keys, AA batteries and Alcohol – Your Christmas Survival Guide

In our last post, we made your Christmas preparations easy with our Ultimate Gift Buying Guide.

But how will you cope on the day? Here is our slightly-tongue-in-cheek Christmas survival guide.  

Tip 1: Christmas can be a teaching opportunity

There is nothing like watching little Noah tear open his new remote-control car to realise… Santa forgot to buy AA batteries!

Turn this into a ‘Christmas lesson’. Remind little Noah that some children in the world don’t even have remote-control cars to put their batteries in, or that back in your day you had to use your arms to push said vehicle. He will stop whining immediately to appreciate your wisdom.

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