Allen keys, AA batteries and Alcohol – Your Christmas Survival Guide

In our last post, we made your Christmas preparations easy with our Ultimate Gift Buying Guide.

But how will you cope on the day? Here is our slightly-tongue-in-cheek Christmas survival guide.  

Tip 1: Christmas can be a teaching opportunity

There is nothing like watching little Noah tear open his new remote-control car to realise… Santa forgot to buy AA batteries!

Turn this into a ‘Christmas lesson’. Remind little Noah that some children in the world don’t even have remote-control cars to put their batteries in, or that back in your day you had to use your arms to push said vehicle. He will stop whining immediately to appreciate your wisdom.

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Get A Smile On Your Dial - World Smile Day Oct 6th

Get A Smile On Your Dial - World Smile Day Oct 6th

You couldn’t be blamed these days for feeling like there isn’t much to smile about. I mean, house prices, the same sex marriage debate, climate change, oh yeah, and WWIII seems imminent… But we think the world needs a little more joy right now, so we want to convince you to smile, smile, smile! Here are a few reasons why:

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Our Social Responsibility

Ovae's Guiding Principles

April 24-30th is Fashion Revolution Week. Fashion Revolution Week is a global movement that calls for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry. The movement encourages millions of people to ask brands ‘who made my clothes?’ and demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.

We thought that this week is the optimal time to launch Ovae's ‘Ethical Mission Statement’ and ‘Guiding Principles’.

fashion revolution week

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