Products That Travel - 3 Essential Products You Need For Your Next Adventure

One of the many reasons I started the brand 'Ovae' was to be able to create a range of stylish modern women's accessories that would easily travel. 

I've been lucky enough in life to be able to travel for my work and after many international trips to sometimes challenging countries, I definitely felt a gap in the market for adaptable, stylish, portable and versatile accessories that could be used in a multitude of ways and withstand their sometimes challenging environments.

Below are the 3 essential Ovae items I never leave home without. Whether overseas on an international trip or out and about for the weekend, these 3 staple Ovae items never leave my side...



The Ovae scarf range has been deliberately designed in the lofty oversized 100 x 180cm dimensions you have all come to love and know. This is for many reasons.

  • I wanted a scarf that would take me from freezing Winters in Nepal to Balmy summers in Bali. The oversized dimensions of our scarves do this by offering warmth when wrapped multiple times around the neck, as well as act as a sun shield in the hot weather and a sarong or beach coverup on a summers day. Essentially, our oversized scarves will see you through every season of the year!      
  • Not only do our oversized scarves act as wearable items, but also as a travel companion for those unpredictable travel moments: Freezing cold airplane? Throw it over your shoulders or legs as a shawl to keep you warm.                                      
  • Don't want to carry a bulky towel to the beach? Use your oversized scarf to laze about on.                                                                                                                      
  • Forgot to cover up when visiting that Mosque, Temple or Spiritual place? Pull out your lofty oversized scarf to cover up.                                                                            
  • Feeling squeamish at the sight of those hotel/hostel bed sheets? Lay down your oversized scarf to give you peace of mind about bed bugs.                                       
  • Now that I'm a travelling mother with my little tribe, I also use my oversized scarf as a pram cover when the little ones are asleep or to protect them from the sun or insects at night.                                                                                                                         
  • Most of our oversized scarves wash beautifully in a cold washing machine too! Please read the label of your scarf to make sure it's safe first.

I love how this one humble oversized scarf can be used for so many different purposes whilst travelling, saving me space and unwanted kg's in my luggage too.



Our best selling Butter Tote bag is the perfect travel companion for many reasons;

  • It's big enough when stacked to the brim to fit all daily essentials such as; scarf, water bottle, lightweight jacket, wallet, keys, journal, hat and any 'trinkets' you have picked up from the local markets. However, when only carrying a few items, the softness of the leather means it can fold down and be compact enough against the body without the bulkiness that a backpack or a beach bag come with.  
  • The classic design of the 'Butter Tote' means it's at home on your shoulder at the beach, or next to you at a restaurant. The classic modern design gives it the power to fit in anywhere. I know many Butter Tote owners who also use it as a nappy bag or baby bag! The versatility of this bags means it moves with you though life though all different stages and adventures.  



Lastly, I never leave home or the country without one of my many Ovae Clutches.

  • Used in accordance with the butter tote, my clutch adds an easy 'go to' option to house my smaller essentials like phone, keys, hand sanitiser, lip balm etc. I then keep my clutch inside my butter tote for easy access.                                                
  • My Ovae Clutch is an easy add on for any dinner occasion or out for drinks, or if I'm heading out somewhere quickly and don't need my tote. Again it has the versatility to move with you through life and all occasions. It will also fit nappies, wipes and nappy bags, creams in it perfectly too! Meaning it's a quick option (and very stylish one) to change a bum without bringing the kitchen sink!                           
  • My Ovae Clutch is also my 'go to' when at the airport. Big enough to fit everyones passports, tickets, any travel documents, hand sanitiser, money etc It keeps everything safe and secure in one central location that is easy to find and fits in one hand.

These 3 Ovae products will be your absolute saviour in any form of travel, day trip or general everyday life you're embarking on. Practical, versatile and useful for everyday scenarios, they will really become your trusty travelling buddies for every occasion.


 *Images from Ovae, Instagram & Pinterest

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