Winter Has Come...

Winter has come…

And you know what that means… pulling out the slow cooker, complaining about the dark, and worrying about White Walkers... Well, yes… But it also means…. Wearing black.

Head-to-toe black is my winter wardrobe. Black coat, black jeans, black boots. Come June 1st I hide away anything of colour, and start a heavy rotation of black apparel.

It’s not just me. Walk through Melbourne on a wintery morning and there’s a black sea of black coats trudging through the grey. Depressing.

So this winter, I have mixed things up. I am still dressing like a cat burglar, but I have transformed my look with a simple addition. A scarf… A soft, beautifully handcrafted, colourful scarf! Oh my!

Ovae's winter range is out and the colours are amazing. Earthy tones of indigo, olive green, marigold mustard, and brick, plus soft oatmeals, nudes and greys – they all go perfectly with black!

This year, Ovae's fine gauge wool scarves are so light you can wear them inside at work, or wrap them several times for warmth when you head outside. Plus they are 100% cotton hand-spun scarves that are still in beautiful winter hues but are better suited to those lucky ducks from a warmer climate.

Today, wearing my new handloom rope scarf, I strolled down Collins Street with a newfound spring in my step. It was like I was in French film…

Imagine… It’s a blistery Paris morning. Soft jazz plays. A sea of black coats part… We catch a glimpse of Indigo. Just a little, and then a full splash of deep, rich blue. We see HER, our leading lady. Hair blowing in the wind, a look in her eyes that says, “I can have it all –“…

Okay, this is getting a little like a tampon commercial. Basically, what I am trying to say is that one simple scarf has transformed my winter wardrobe to that of a movie star. I have gone from Cat Woman to Wonder Woman. Kapow! Eat my dust, winter!

Love Ovae'a Resident Blogger x

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