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Often when thinking of the fashion industry, images come to mind of large-scale mass production that compromises social welfare, human rights, the environment, and in turn, the end product.

For us at Ovae this picture couldn’t be further from the truth. We are a small, family run Australian business that creates unique and stylish accessories that last a lifetime.

And while not all big businesses are soulless corporations, because we are small we are able to offer our customers a buying experience and product that they won’t find on the high street.

Here are five reasons to choose us.

1. Small business = massive passion

We adore what we do. Our tiny team, led by Jackie Jennings, lives to create beautiful pieces that elevate any outfit. All of our creations are designed in Australia and produced with the best materials sourced from across the globe.

Jackie is involved in every facet of the business – from design to production to marketing – and knows Ovae inside and out. She personally knows all of our stockists (over 40 across the country) and many of our customers, which enables Ovae to continually evolve with the times and needs of our customers.

2. Supplier relationships

We work directly with a small group of suppliers in India, Indonesia, Nepal and Italy. We have known some for over a decade and have developed an open relationship built on trust. This means, we can track the life journey of all of our creations – from raw materials to finished product – and can ensure our supply chain meets our standards.

3. We value people

These days, many brands talk about where their materials come from, but not all make clear who is making their products and in what conditions.

At Ovae, we operate our own exclusive production house in Indonesia. Here, just six talented artisans – twelve hands – bring each and every Ovae design to life. We value and respect these artisans, and honour their traditional techniques. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail is incredible.

Because this small team only work for Ovae, they do not have to compete with deadlines from other businesses. As they know their schedules and expectations ahead of time, they can plan their workload and take time out for family celebrations or religious ceremonies.

4. Sloooooowwww fashion

There are numerous benefits of slow fashion. Slower production schedules and ethical practices combined with designing and creating products that last, result in happy workers and happy customers.

5. Superior quality leather

We love leather. We work really hard to source leather that is beautiful and of the highest quality. The hand-feel of our wallets, handbags and clutches is superior to most. We always disclose the exact type of hide used so customers can make an informed choice. We also maintain a set of standards when working with leather, which you can read more about here.

So if like us you love beautiful and unique statement pieces that you can feel good about, check out Ovae’s newest arrivals.


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