Photography Exhibition COLOUR | CULTURE | CHARACTER

Over the past 15 years of buying, designing & sourcing, I've been blessed to visit vastly rich cultures and capture some magical moments with my camera along the way. Photography has always been a passion of mine and I'm so excited to be able to share these precious moments captured with my first solo photography exhibition running for the next 4 weeks. If you're in the Yarra Vally in Victoria, Australia, please pop by say hello and enjoy some culture from far away lands...x Jackie

Jackie Jennings - Artist Statement

I have always had a passion for creation, whether it be fashion, photography, or lifestyle products. At a young age when I thought about my career and my future, all I knew was that I wanted to combine all my passions in life, and create a career doing what made me happiest at my core. I am extremely blessed that throughout my professional career, I have been able to do this. Even luckier, I have been able to include my other love, travel.

My work as a fashion and accessories buyer has led me to visit the most remarkable places, from India and Nepal to Turkey and the USA. Travel is an education – an education about the world, but also about myself. Exploring other cultures has also always been an inspiration for creation and expression, both personally and professionally.

Nowhere has this been more profound than my travels to India. India has been a big inspiration in my creation of products, but also in my photography. India can be a place of hardship and challenges, from the extreme heat to the poverty on the streets, but it is also a place of immense beauty, generosity and spirit. Women in colourful intricate saris stepping onto the dusty street, children playing joyously in a filthy river; you cannot go to India without it affecting how you see the world and how you create within the world.

I’ve always been fascinated with people. The way they look, the way they interact, the way they hold themselves. This everyday analysis and observation is especially interesting when a part of another culture, and this has undoubtedly influenced my photography style. In all the countries I’ve travelled, I’ve tried to remain anonymous, tried to hide behind my lens in the hope I can capture something, a slight moment of magic, ‘a moment in time’. Often these everyday moments are a slice of life, but while observing, you notice a sense of universality, they cross boundaries – a man on his way to work, children play fighting in the streets, a woman bathing in a river – they remind us, that whatever our country of birth, or the colour of our skin, we are all the same.

The images within the exhibition Colour| Culture | Character, have been captured over the past 10 years; the most recent were taken in February 2015. From independent travel to professional buying trips to living abroad, the images span 10 countries.

I am now based on the Mornington Peninsula and am busy promoting my lifestyle brand Ovae online and in stores. With my product, comes stories and a journey. I can’t help but feel each piece of what I create at Ovae is influenced heavily by the people I’ve met and the places I’ve been – some of which you will see in this exhibition.

I love being inspired by a photograph. Knowing that the moment captured in front of you, was once a moment that existed in time. When I look through these pictures, they conjure up feelings of nostalgia, inspiration and excitement.

It is my hope that upon viewing these photographs, they evoke something inside of you…

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