Dressing Your Bed - Ovae Quilt Style

There's something about the cooler months that makes me want to throw layers upon layers on my bed. Even though before I climb in at night, I strip them off and throw them on the floor as if to serve no particular purpose. However it's that feeling of 'cosy' and 'warm' that I like to portray in my home in the cooler months, and dressing my bed with a variety of quilts, bedcovers and throws, brings that sense of 'warm and cosy' to my abode.

There are a number of ways to style our collection of quilts on your bed and we have listed a few of our favourites below. Remember one important rule though, there are no rules. Sometimes a jumbled mess of bedlinen, doonas, quilts and pillows can look remarkable too! See our final picture and you be the judge...


 Just as the description details- Place your quilt lengthways across your bed. I like to have some doona showing at the top, however it's entirely up to you. You can also pull the quilt right up under the pillows of it's big enough.


 If your quilt is two sided with a beautiful or interesting underside, you can fold it in half to expose the two different sides. This way it gives the illusion of two quilts and adds interest and a complimentary colour to the main pattern in the quilt. The scrunched messy style alludes a more relaxed vibe, while the neat folded is more of a sharp statement.



 This is a very traditional way of dressing your bed. Simply fold your quilt into thirds lengthways and place on the bottom 1/3rd of your bed messy or neat!


A relaxed throw of the quilt onto one corner or the base of the bed and then 'fluff' and fold to get the desired finish!


Often we don't have time in the mornings to make our beds perfectly, so during the week I'm a little more relaxed about 'bed making' especially those mornings i'm rushing out the door. I'm often surprised at just how good a bed can look when you loosely throw everything together! It's often a mix of textures, pattern and colour that create a beautiful chaos that makes you want to dive right back in! 


Having quilts and throws around your home creates a very warm, relaxed 'lived in' feel in your home. Have them scattered on couches and chairs to add some character to your furniture. They are also great to cosy up to in the evenings. Having multiple options around the home means you can also have them on rotation. Try mixing it up and taking the one off the couch and putting it on the bed and vice versa. It's also a much cheaper option that buying new bed linen every season and can bring a whole new feel and style to the room. My quilts are on high rotation and I love how they transform the mood of each room. 



These vintage quilts are to die for!!!!! How to choose?? I love them all ??

Bella July 14, 2015

Love this!! Maybe I need to add a few more to my collection… ?

Mel May 06, 2015

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