Leather Care Guide - Investing in your purchase

When you purchase a beautiful leather wallet, clutch or bag from us here at Ovae, we want you to be able to enjoy it for many years to come...

All Ovae leather pieces are made with the highest quality raw leather hide sourced from Italy, India and Indonesia. The skilled and talented artisans who handcraft each piece take enormous pride in the execution and craftsmanship of every single item.

quilted leather     Raw Leather Hide     Tooled Handcut Leather


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The HEADSCARF - Your best secret this summer

The HEADSCARF - Your best secret this summer

Summer is almost here...

And for SOME of us that means - ice-cream walks on the beach, cocktails after dark, pool antics and lots of wild salty hair!!

Think outside the box when it comes to your scarf collection this summer, following our 3 favourite ways to style your Ovae scarf and turn your bad hair day into a trending statement.



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Why Invest In Scarves? Here's why...

How often do you walk into your wardrobe in the mornings and think to yourself "I've got NOTHING to wear"!? Even though your closet is thriving and hanger space is sparse?

This is a far too common scenario in the lives of most of us fashion loving women! A lot of things can contribute to our feelings of lack of clothes to wear; Finding inspiration, not enough time to choose, clothes are in the wash, always wearing 'old faithful', budget, and constantly wanting 'newness'.


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Dressing Your Bed - Ovae Quilt Style

There's something about the cooler months that makes me want to throw layers upon layers on my bed! Even though before I climb in at night, I strip them off and throw them on the floor as if to serve no particular purpose. However it's that feeling of 'cosy' and 'warm' that I like to portray in my home in the cooler months, and dressing my bed with a variety of quilts, bedcovers and throws, brings that sense of 'warm and cosy' to my abode...
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Photography Exhibition COLOUR | CULTURE | CHARACTER

Over the past 15 years of buying, designing & sourcing, I've been blessed to visit vastly rich cultures and capture some magical moments with my camera along the way. Photography has always been a passion of mine and I'm so excited to be able to share these precious moments captured with my first solo photography exhibition running for the next 4 weeks....

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