Dressing Your Bed - Ovae Quilt Style

There's something about the cooler months that makes me want to throw layers upon layers on my bed! Even though before I climb in at night, I strip them off and throw them on the floor as if to serve no particular purpose. However it's that feeling of 'cosy' and 'warm' that I like to portray in my home in the cooler months, and dressing my bed with a variety of quilts, bedcovers and throws, brings that sense of 'warm and cosy' to my abode...
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Photography Exhibition COLOUR | CULTURE | CHARACTER

Over the past 15 years of buying, designing & sourcing, I've been blessed to visit vastly rich cultures and capture some magical moments with my camera along the way. Photography has always been a passion of mine and I'm so excited to be able to share these precious moments captured with my first solo photography exhibition running for the next 4 weeks....

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